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Art History for Everyone:
student information and application

Art History Link-Up, a registered charity, offers free online a fast-track Art History Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and A level courses for state supported students on term-time Saturdays.

Applications for September 2022 entry are now open!

We’re delighted to announce that this year, our courses will be based at The Courtauld Institute, Somerset House, The Strand, WC2R 0RN. However, our courses can be taken by students from anywhere across the UK – our hybrid options can be attended in person in a dedicated teaching space, or online.

We offer two separate Saturday sessions – morning and afternoon – based around The Courtauld Gallery’s famous collection, which you will be able to study first-hand. The morning A level modules will cover “Nature in Art and Architecture” and “Power and Persuasion: the Baroque in Catholic Europe 1597-1685”; the separate afternoon course will explore “Identities in Art and Architecture” and “Rebellion and revival: the British and French Avant-Garde (1848–99)”. Both classes will cover visual analysis and wider issues around Art History.

Find out more about the Art History A level here.

The subject offers a unique perspective and approach to history, culture, critical thinking and more. However currently Art History A level is offered in only a handful of state schools (eight at the last count).

We want to ensure more students can access this incredible subject, which is why, since 2016, we’ve offered FREE Art History courses to over 300 students from state schools across the UK. As part of Art History for Everyone, our students have the opportunity to learn about and alongside some of the world’s great works of art.

And many of our alumni are now studying Art History at some of the UK’s best universities, including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and of course, the Courtauld Institute of Art itself. Read what our students have to say below and here.

Since September 2020, students have studied online for a taught Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) — equivalent to half an A level in UCAS points and highly regarded by university admission officers. The EPQ is delivered alongside two modules of the Pearson Edexcel A Level Art History course. Students have the option of continuing for a second year of the course, to study a further two modules and sit the A level Art History exam at the end of the linear course. Volunteer EPQ mentors from across associated sectors include head teachers, curators, editors and academics. The students are further supported by Dr John Taylor, a chief examiner for the EPQ.

Students are offered careers advice and guidance, as well as access to work experience at high-profile institutions including Art UK, Christie’s, the Royal Collection and the Victoria & Albert Museum. This is in addition to advice on FE/HE applications and careers, and membership of an alumni club.

All places are offered at no charge to state-maintained sector sixth form students, with priority given to candidates from a widening participation background, and to those with aptitude and ability for the course. Applications to our courses are now open, via form. By completing and submitting this form, candidates are confirming that they are eligible for the course i.e. they are in full-time state-supported sixth form education and that they intend to complete an Art History EPQ and / or to continue with a second year of the Art History A level course to sit the exams in June 2023. The application deadline is 5pm on Friday 9th September, although students are advised to apply as soon as possible. Applications received after 9th September however may be added to the waiting list. We will be in touch with applicants shortly after the deadline. Further information is below, with student and parent / teacher flyers available to download, alongside our online application form. Courses will begin on Saturday 24th September.

Benefits for students:

  • Courses taught by experienced teachers online and/or in dedicated teaching space with close access to the collections, and with visits to other museums and galleries arranged as appropriate to the topics being studied, and public health conditions. Find out more about our teaching team, guest lecturers and EPQ mentors here
  • Weekly homework clubs and individual EPQ and study support from AHLU’s Student Liaison Officer plus individually assigned specialist EPQ mentors from across the sector.
  • Support with university applications, access to work experience, information about careers
  • Our hybrid / online classes are interactive and run by expert teachers, with the support of a team of specialist teaching assistants who run break-out group discussion using interactive Miro whiteboard technology, and teaching resources issued via the Google Classroom. n the arts, and membership of our alumni organisation.
  • Students have the option of continuing to study a further two modules and sitting the Pearson/Edexcel A level Art History exam at the end of a second year of the course
  • Additional qualification: EPQ equivalent to up to half an A-level in UCAS points; it is possible to enter more than one EPQ. Students with an EPQ are more likely to obtain a good degree and to attend a Russell Group University.
  • The EPQ provides the thinking skills that HE/FE admissions staff are interested in and can be a film, performance, app, or any number of creative and collaborative endeavours.
  • Relevance and application for Art & Design students, at A level and beyond, and a wide range of other subjects
  • Access to, familiarity with and understanding of, great works of art in public collections: The course is structured around examples of art and architecture which can be experienced and studied at first-hand
  • Exam entry, and other administration, is organised by Art History Link-Up with study support and resources offered.
  • Further details about the Art History for Everyone courses are here: Art History for Everyone

What AHLU students say:

Art History and AHLU has benefitted me inside and outside the classroom. Not only has the subject reignited my passion and love for art, it has also illustrated to me the impact of art onour society. As for AHLU, they have provided me with opportunities and skills that have rounded me as a person and broadened my horizons: filling in that application form two years ago was hands down the best decision I have ever made in my life!”

“I came into the programme not knowing what to expect, and I was completely blown away as to the breadth and depth of artists, cultures, movements and histories I have been exposed to. Likewise, the EPQ was a great opportunity for me to research artworks that I resonate with, and my mentor helped me through the whole process….I know students taking EPQs at my school don’t have anything like this!“

“Art History Link-Up dealt with the pandemic amazingly: the way the lessons have been executed and the resources we have been provided with have been excellent. I found both in real life lessons and online lessons equally fun and fulfilling. The expert visitors to class, who we were so lucky to have, made up for the loss of gallery time during the pandemic!

“Our online lessons have been just as engaging and enlightening as they were before. Of course it is a great shame to not spend time in the galleries, and experience some of these works in person, but the use of gallery style activities in our virtual lessons makes up for this!”

“I want to thank AHLU dearly for such a wonderful and eye-opening two years in the Wallace Collection and the National Gallery. You have instilled a love of art in me that I will cherish forever.”

“My experience with Art History Link-Up was spell-binding and eye-opening. My time doing the A-level course taught me so much more than just the History of Art. It taught me valuable transferable skills to use in my subjects at school.” 

“Art History A Level is by far my favourite subject. It is really great to learn in such depth about specific case studies. It is definitely by far the most engaging and overall enjoyable A Level and even fun to revise!:

“My experience of Art History Link-Up exceeded all the expectations I had when I applied in the best way possible. I had never studied art history at all or even gone to many galleries despite living in London my whole life. The atmosphere was so welcoming and the lessons so accessible that I felt at home almost immediately. Classes were laid back and more informal than average school lessons which helped even quieter students like myself feel comfortable enough to ask all the questions and voice any opinions we had allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the art. Now that I have pretty much completed the full A-level I can say that this was a brilliant decision and I am equipped with so many skills, experiences and a confidence that I would not have had otherwise.”

I had no idea that Art History was offered as an A level until this course was recommended to me, so just being able to have this opportunity is really important. Being able to head to London’s best galleries to learning inside their walls, and something completely new, and then to head out to put into a real life context is such an effective way to learn. I’ve been leaning French since Year 1 and until this day, at Y13 I still can’t speak it… But if you ask me to analyse a painting or describe the formal features of a sculpture/building, then I can talk for hours!

It is so refreshing that we are not taught with the sole purpose of doing well in an exam but because there is a shared interest and enthusiasm for Art History. It doesn’t feel like going to school on Saturdays: it is actually fun!

As someone who typically doesn’t enjoy school I really appreciate how very interesting and enjoyable this course has been: it has had me re-think further education as an option for me.

I don’t think I have enjoyed anything as much ever – it turned out to be a combination of all my passions and interest – art, ancient history and just learning!

This course has really opened my eyes and helped me to appreciate the incredible art heritage in our museums and galleries. The breadth and scope of the course equipped me with the skills and curiosity to continue in the world of Art History.

Art History really seems to have been the missing piece in my puzzle, combining my interests and opening my eyes to see the world around me differently each time I go outside.  This course has without a doubt been the best opportunity I have been given, not only have I learnt vast amounts and will continue to do so, it has given me a focus and stability. This truly has been an immeasurably valuable experience.

You’ve helped transform me from an absolute novice to someone who can spot Classical references in buildings, talk about paintings with confidence, and an absolute Art History fan girl

The lessons changed the way I look and the way I think about art, and opened a whole new door for me, towards a subject I never dreamed I’d like this much and now will study at university!

Art History for Everyone is managed by Art History Link-Up.

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