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Volunteer Policy

Volunteers are a very important part of Art History Link-Up (“AHLU“), and in recognition of that AHLU believes it is important to give volunteers clear guidance on how their contribution is valued. Accordingly, this Volunteer Policy (the “Policy“) sets out what volunteers can expect during their time volunteering with AHLU, and introduces expectations as to the conduct of their volunteer work (particularly in light of AHLU’s work with children and young people).


The work of our volunteers is critical to AHLU in supporting the teaching and study of art history amongst young people, and allows students to benefit from a wealth of skills and expertise. Volunteers are not employees, but are engaged on a voluntary basis, and unlike a member of staff, there is no contractual relationship between AHLU and its volunteers.


Volunteers are not employees, and there is no obligation as to the time that they spend volunteering with AHLU. However, much of AHLU’s work is framed by the school assessment year, and where relevant AHLU will provide volunteers with guidance on how best to work within that framework. More generally, volunteers will be provided with all guidance required to make sure that they are able to be as effective as possible. AHLU will deal with all volunteers on a fair and equal basis at all times.

As volunteers are not employees, they are not paid a wage or otherwise entitled to employment benefits such as annual leave. It is not possible for volunteers’ expenses to be reimbursed except in exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement. Volunteers are covered by AHLU’s public liability insurance, under which they are covered for activities entered into during the normal course of volunteering work.


The majority of AHLU’s work is done with children and young adults, and AHLU is committed to the safety and welfare of those children and young people it interacts with. All volunteers are expected to share this commitment. AHLU maintains a Safeguarding Policy which must be read and observed by all volunteers. This is critical to ensure that AHLU is able to provide a safe and secure environment for all its staff, students and volunteers. In particular, volunteers frequently find themselves working with students online through email and other remote communications, and should be alive to particular safeguarding issues raised in that context.

AHLU’s students have the opportunity to engage with art in some of the country’s greatest galleries and museums. To the extent a volunteer’s work involves such locations they should respect the rules and requests of any premises staff, and have consideration for the public nature of many such institutions. AHLU’s Health and Safety Policy, which is designed to ensure the safety of everyone involved with the charity, may be particularly relevant in such circumstances.

AHLU commits to handle data in compliance with relevant data protection law – in particular its AHLU’s Privacy Notice is available online. Volunteers should ensure that they have read the Privacy Notice, and that they act in accordance with it.


AHLU works hard to make sure that volunteers are fully supported during their involvement with the charity. AHLU’s CEO, Rose Aidin ([email protected]), is available as a first port of call in the event that further support is needed, or if a problem ever arises, and AHLU will work alongside volunteers to ensure that any concerns raised are tackled.

If a volunteer has a complaint, or otherwise feels uncomfortable speaking to the CEO for any reason, they can alternatively speak to the Vice Chair, Susan Adams, [email protected].


AHLU may update or amend this Policy at any time. The Trustees will review this Policy annually.