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Recruitment Policy and Staff Pay Policy


1.     GENERAL

Art History Link-Up (“AHLU”) undertakes to treat all candidates fairly and equally throughout any recruitment process. In particular, this recruitment and staff pay policy (the “Policy”) sets out the following commitments by AHLU as to how it will deal with candidates in all recruitment (both staff and volunteers), as well as the broad principles to be followed by AHLU in the setting and review of pay for paid staff only.


  • Successful candidates will be required to complete an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application
  • References will be sought for all successful candidates and we may approach previous employers for information to verify particular experience and qualifications
  • Successful candidates will also be required to provide certificates of qualification
  • Successful candidates will be required to both review and act in accordance with AHLU’s Safeguarding Policy, as well as all other AHLU policies in place from time to time.
  • Candidates may be required to serve a probationary period of between 3 and 6 months.


It is the policy of AHLU to provide equal opportunities for all qualified individuals regardless of race, colour, religion, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, age, gender medical condition or disability in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 guidance provided by the Government:

More widely, we believe that it’s critical that AHLU attracts voices from diverse backgrounds, and that individuals’ unique perspectives are shaped by characteristics and experiences even wider than those set out within the Equality Act. You can view our full Diversity and Inclusion Policy here:

We advertise openly, with full person specification and role responsibilities, and interview all shortlisted candidates.

In order to track the effectiveness of our diversity and inclusion processes, applicants will be asked to complete a form setting out characteristics and identities, detailing for example the work of the main/ highest income earner in their household as a child. This disclosure is voluntary only, and a decision not to provide this information will not affect an application. Where such information is provided, it will be anonymised and kept purely for the purposes of tracking applicant backgrounds on an aggregate basis.

Where there are sufficient applicants meeting the person specification advertised, AHLU will seek to ensure that the shortlisted pool properly captures the diversity of experience and background of the applicant group.

Lack of accessibility can prevent individuals from being properly involved in the charity’s work, or even from considering becoming involved in the first place. Ensuring true accessibility means making sure that those who are restricted for any reason, be that physical or mental illness or caring commitments, are able to participate. As a result, we believe that ensuring accessibility is an important part of our wider commitment to diversity and inclusion, and will accommodate requests to support increased accessibility where possible on that basis.


Some AHLU paid staff may also work alongside AHLU in a separate capacity as volunteers. In such cases it is important to recognise that working for AHLU and volunteering with AHLU are separate commitments, even when both performed by a single individual. For information relating specifically to volunteering with the charity, please see AHLU’s Volunteer Policy.


This section of the Policy applies only to paid staff, and not to volunteers. Specific policies relating to volunteers are separately available through AHLU’s Volunteer Policy. AHLU is an equal opportunity employer. This means our intention is to treat all paid staff equitably with regards to the terms and conditions of employment offered, including pay. The Board will review pay levels from time to time to identify and address any anomaly.

Pay will be reviewed annually following a performance appraisal conducted by the relevant line manager. In deciding on whether to increase pay, we will first consider whether we have the funds to do so. Some years we may not have the funds to increase pay.

If we do increase pay, we will decide on the level of pay rise taking a number of factors into account, including the living wage, the retail price index (RPI) and the consumer price index (CPI), and the level of other pay settlements. Any pay review will be recommended by the CEO and will be subject to the approval of the Board.

New staff will be offered a salary that takes into account the skills and experience they bring to the role, pay equality, and affordability.

A staff member will not usually be eligible for a pay review until after their first year’s service. Any member of staff subject to poor performance or misconduct procedures would not be eligible for a review until the expiry of any warning.

All staff will be given a written statement of their individual terms and conditions with regards to salary and arrangements for working hours, deductions, holiday, any overtime payable or time off in lieu. Any changes to these terms and conditions will be notified to the individual in writing.

If you have any queries on your pay level or any pay review, you are asked to raise this with the CEO in the first instance.


AHLU may update or amend this Policy at any time. The Trustees will review this Policy annually.