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AHLU Alumni Student panellists in discussion with Hannah Rothschild about Why Art History Matters

AHLU Celebration at Christie’s

In December 2022 Art History Link-Up celebrated an extraordinary year with supporters and alumni at the headquarters of our partner, Christie’s. Some of our alumni students spoke powerfully about the impact of studying art history with Art History Link-Up, in a wide-ranging discussion with long-term AHLU supporter Hannah Rothschild about why art history matters.

The Earl of Snowdon, Christie’s Honorary Chairman spoke on behalf of Christie’s, AHLU’s partner, to explain why supporting young people from diverse backgrounds studying the arts is so vital and Professor Alixe Bovey, Dean and Deputy Director of the Courtauld Institute of Art discussed the importance of the Courtauld’s collaboration with AHLU.  Appropriately enough, as most AHLU teaching is now in-person and also online, the event was hybrid, and you can read and watch excerpts from speakers and students below.

“My love of art history has been my salve, my salvation, my great inspiration. And so when I understood the travesty that was happening in most schools in the county, that art history was not available, it seemed like a no-brainer to support this organisation in whatever way I could. And I can honestly say it has been a privilege!”

Hannah Rothschild

“We are here to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of Art History Link-Up which without question has built a new road into Art History, most especially for state school students… When the Courtauld was founded 90 years ago, it was conceived as a classroom for studying art history… It has been a real joy having our Leon Kossoff Learning Studio and our galleries full of AHLU Art History A level students: we are inspired and impressed by them, and are very much looking forward to a shared future with Art History Link-Up.”

Professor Alixe Bovey, Dean and Deputy Director of the Courtauld Institute of Art

AHLU Alumni Student panellists in discussion with Hannah Rothschild about Why Art History Matters

Art History Link-Up x Christie’s

Christie’s has supported Art History Link-Up since 2020, with financial support towards our teaching costs, and a myriad of generous in kind support, including office space, design, printing, hospitality and professional advice.  Orlando Rock, Christie’s Chairman, says “Christie’s is enormously proud of our close association with Art History Link-Up: helping us all through education to fully understand the relevance of art in the modern world.”

In July 2022, we combined the launch of our Young Patrons scheme at King Street with the announcement of the winners of the AHLU x Christie’s Education Scholarship (more information here). In February 2021 we collaborated on an online careers event with Christie’s and other colleagues for current and alumni students. And in September 2020 we celebrated our Class of 2020 with a hybrid Zoom event with students and supports from Christie’s, King Street (more information here). Our students gain hugely from Christie’s expertise, guidance and support, with mentoring, work experience, apprenticeships, and our first AHLU alumni appointment this year.

Art History Link-Up works in partnership with a range of organisations including Inigo and James Allen’s Girls’ School.

Will you join us? Contact [email protected] to find out more.

“I didn’t know art history was a subject it was possible to learn about because it wasn’t publicised at my school… I have no regrets, it was so engaging and to see how it links to so many disciplines. Galleries are now my home”


“Like most people on the panel I stumbled across AHLU by accident. It really has been the love of my life… It will always be something on the side that I will love, and it’s definitely going to remain a passion.“

– Ore

“The piece of art hat made me fall in love with art history was the Wilton Dyptych at the National Gallery. I was glued to the ground. From where I am from, in the South West, most people are discouraged from pursuing education, and especially the arts, it’s seen as not valuable. I’m the only one of all my friends from home who has gone to university. I found Art History Link-Up on an Instagram link and it has completely changed the trajectory of my life…I cannot put into words how valuable this charity has been for me, it has meant that someone with very little prospects in life, like me, has been able to throw myself at the world and to study at the Courtauld. I could not have done that had I not had I not had these Saturday classes thrown at me by accident.”

– Marianne

 “I took art history on a whim but it has changed my life. It’s amazing that so many of us have had that experience and just speaks to Art History Link-Up as a charity and as an organisation… I am now an apprentice at Christie’s in the Antiquities Department, and what I love about Christie’s is that they make art accessible: anyone can walk through the door…Everything is art history, you can apply it to everything”.

– Andrew

 “I was interested in social justice issues and is has been really enlightening to see how much visual culture plays a part in protest and activism… art history is fascinating and intriguing and I am sure I am going to take on what I have learned with AHLU into every aspect of my career.”

– Khadija

“I was introduced to Christie’s and their apprenticeship scheme as a result of a Zoom careers event offered by AHLU during lockdown. I applied and got a position as the 20th/21st century Private Sales Apprentice. No doubt the skills I could demonstrate, my willingness to be proactive and my passion for art history, all developed and demonstrated by my time with AHLU, helped me to be accepted onto the programme. After a year and half of the apprenticeship, during which I also finished the History of Art A-Level course with an ‘A’ grade, I was appointed as an Auction Sale Coordinator at Christie’s, covering 19th Century European art, British Drawings and Watercolours, Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite and British Impressionist Art.

I cannot emphasise enough how much AHLU has changed my life. The camaraderie that you develop between your peers and the teachers is unique. Events, panels and socials also challenge you to build a network and reach out into the world. I have met and connected with many incredible people, some of whom I am discussing future projects with.”

Furthermore because of my love for AHLU and art history, I am the Administrator for AHLU’s TikTok account, where I aim to discuss why art history matters and offer study resources and videos for those studying History of Art A-Level, and the many who would like to be able to but haven’t had the opportunity.”

– Simone, AHLU Class of 2022