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Student Stories

“The course has helped me with all my other subjects and has opened my eyes to the skills and complexity involved in art and architecture: I now see the world in a different way.”

“All the lessons are enjoyable, and I look forward to coming each week: not only have Saturday mornings become one of my favourite days but I now know how to analyse art which is so fun!”

“Some of the best things about the course were getting to see actual paintings and other works of art in the flesh.”

“I expected to be taught art history by someone old and posh but the teachers are actually amazing: the course was not at all what I expected to be.”

“I am now considering History of Art and Design at university – I probably wasn’t going to apply before – and am also looking at relevant apprenticeship opportunities.”

“I have countless mates who, when seeing what I am doing for Art History, are surprised and wish they could have chosen it too. I have loved studying History of Art this year and am so pleased with my exam results!”

“I have found Art History Link-Up to be a godsend. My state school didn’t offer art history at AS level and I was over the moon to find out about this course. With the teaching and support of a range of highly qualified teachers and professionals, this fast-track course has brought joy to my Saturdays. The content is so interesting and relevant to today, that you can’t help but look at art in a better light from the start! With the knowledge gained, I can examine paintings and architecture with an increased sense of understanding, broadening my cultural knowledge and comprehension. With the addition of this prestigious subject to my CV, I am in a better position to apply to University, knowing I have that extra something to stand out from the crowd.”

“I wasn’t really sure what Art History was, and what we would be doing in the course, but applied wanting to learn more about art and broaden my horizons to topics that aren’t offered in most schools. Art History turned out to link really well with my subjects – Art, English Literature and History. The variety of works and themes we have explored so far, and the depth that we have gone into, especially in such a short space of time, is astounding, and I come to class every week really excited to learn something new about an artist, style or technique. A complex subject has been taught in a way that has been easy to understand and follow along with, and I really look forward to the rest of the course!”

“This course has helped me realise that I would love Art History to be a major part of my career. Sharing ideas and opinions has never felt more comfortable, with a vibrant and cheerful energy at every lesson.”

“I have found this course really useful, Art History has opened up a huge road for me into the art world. It is a great pleasure to come into a gallery setting and study art history: you feel like a VIP. I love being surrounded by enthusiastic people who also love art, and being encouraged to express my opinions. And that there is always food!”

“I used to think that Art History was the dullest thing ever, and not at all relevant to me, and laughed at the idea of studying it, but now I am actually considering a joint degree! The course has really helped my analytical skills and essay writing. It is amazing to be able to talk about art with other people and new friends in a non-boring and inspiring non-school environment and to see works of art in real life. Sign up right now!”

“I found this course through a series of happy accidents. I initially took part in ARTiculation, then the Courtauld Institute Summer University, then found this course.  I immediately fell in love with the course and continue to be blown away by Art History! ”

“Being able to learn about Art History, on a course not available at my school, being surrounded by great works of art in the galleries, and surrounded by like-minded and enthusiastic people, has massively deepened my interest in this subject!”

“The classes have given me more confidence to express my own opinions on art and also to listen to other people’s views that I may not have seen myself: I am so surprised by how much I have learnt in such a small space of time!”

“I took the Art History course in Y13 as an additional AS and so far this has been the subject I enjoy the most. The best part is actually seeing many of the works of art that we are studying, giving me incredible insights and a new perspective on every aspect of my life.”

“Taking part in this Art History course has been an immensely rewarding experience, giving me a new outlook on the world, and on art, that I am so thankful for and has aided me in my other studies. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge and opportunities that the Art History course has given me!”

“I never really thought about studying Art History, but having the chance to study Art History inside the walls of London’s most beautiful galleries has opened my eyes and mind to things that we tend to miss at first glance: Art Historians have all the juicy secrets! Art History is not taught in many schools, so this opportunity is very unique and rewarding. This course has made it easier for me to walk through a gallery and identify what style a piece is, and what characteristics give it away…it’s like being the Sherlock of Art History! ”

“I never thought that I would like Art History but this course has truly changed the way I see the world around me and my life, influencing me greatly in my plans for University, where I now intend to take a joint honours degree in the subject. The course is fun and a great way to spend my Saturday afternoons: thank you so much for making this opportunity possible for me.”

Other Stories

“The impact of the scheme at our school demonstrates the appetite for the subject plus the benefits of studying Art History for state students.”
Birte Meyer, Teacher i/c Sixth Art, St Marylebone CE School

“I have rarely come across such a committed, enthusiastic and articulate group of students, clearly so stimulated by their studies as on the day I spent working on essay-writing skills with the Wallace Collection’s 2017 fast-track AS Art History course.”
Dr Lydia Syson, RLF Writing Fellow at The Courtauld Institute of Art

“I am very happy that our programme of outreach classes will have such a direct and immediate positive outcome: I wish Art History Link-Up great success”.
Pontus Rosén, former Chief Executive of the Association for Art History