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We welcome opportunities to work with partners and to share what we do with others in art history and education. If you would like to get involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Michael and Janet Aidin
The Adrian Swire Charitable Trust
Apollo Magazine
The Art Fund
The Arts Society
The Hon M L Astor’s Charitable Trust
Polly Astor
The Band Trust
Professor Craig Clunas
Trisha Dale
The Duke of Devonshire’s Charitable Trust
Tom Faulkner
The Fore’s RAFT Fund
The Foyle Foundation
The Garfield Weston Foundation
The Golden Bottle Trust
The Alan and Karen Grieve Charitable Trust
The Hedley Foundation
James Allen’s Girls’ School
The Jerwood Foundation
Colm and Ella Kelleher
Crispin Odey
The Patricia Baines Trust
The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust
Regent’s Park Decorative and Fine Arts Society
The Hon. Hannah Rothschild CBE
The Rothschild Foundation
Scala Arts and Heritage Publishers
The Swire Charitable Trust
Lady Harriot Tennant
Willem Voorvaart
The Worshipful Company of Arts Scholars
The Worshipful  Company of Grocers’
The Worshipful Company of Weavers
And others who prefer to remain anonymous


Art & Culture Travel
Art UK
Atelier Works
Bloomsbury Publishing
Boisdale Restaurants and Bars
Chocolate Films
Colnaghi Foundation
Datadial Web Design
Vicky Faulkner Design
Golden Squared Consulting
Dr Bendor Grosvenor
James Allen’s Girls’ School
The Lord Mayor of London’s Cultural Scholarship Scheme
The National Gallery
Matthew Rice
The Royal Collection
Scala Arts and Heritage Publishers
Dr John Taylor
The Victoria & Albert Museum
The Wallace Collection
The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants


Four Corners Books
Ella Kelleher
Crispin Odey
Marco Compagnoni
Karen Smith


Susan Adams
Anna and James Freedman
Sophie Lachowsky
Reine Ullmann Okuliar

Art History Link-Up Summer 2020 Supporters’ Update
Art History Link-Up Summer 2019 Supporters’ Update

“This was one of the most engaged, lively, and intellectually curious group of students it has been my privilege to work with, anywhere, ever.… We need that fearlessness, and that intellectual curiosity. The field of art history needs it, because if the pool of talent from which art historians are drawn becomes too shallow or too narrow, then what we will end up will inevitably be a shallow and narrow art history… This is a marvellous initiative and one I am very proud to be even marginally associated with; it deserves every support and I wish it goes from strength to strength.”

Craig Clunas, Professor Emeritus of Art History, the University of Oxford

Read Professor Craig Clunas’ speech about Art History Link-Up